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Internet Marketing – Is Free Always Good?

There are various ways that individuals receive free resources and gifts. For example from affiliate marketing programs. Many are wise enough to feel fortunate to have whatever ‘leg up’ they can get. Besides the financial benefit, it may have a positive effect on their mindset that someone is helping. Some realize they actually may have just saved $100s or even $1000s in development and start-up costs to create their home business. These folks have the best intentions and will likely make good use of what has been provided usually free of charge for affiliates.


However sometimes it appears people really do not know what they have been given. This could be because they don’t know how much something would cost them if they were to develop something themselves. With this group, often once the ‘high’ of joining the program and getting all the prizes is over, they are not really interested to see what would happen if they actually take action. They really don’t want to do any work and in fact what appealed to them was only free, easy, and today. They thought that because everything was free so far that the program would also get the traffic, leads and sales for them.

Once in a while there may be a total disconnect because someone may not trust the fact that some things are actually ‘free’. Then they expect to find out what it really costs. They may also stubbornly refuse to spend any money, not being a good sport to support a company that has been an advantage to them. They are only interested in a business that is totally free. What they are really saying is that is all it is worth to them = $000. These are often the same ones who also do not work for free (even for themselves) to build a home business. The only funny part is then they can’t understand why they failed except to blame the program.

It seems really stupid when someone can’t actually appreciate what they have been given, and without acknowledging that it has any value. For some reason they feel it is more logical for them to pretend it is nothing because it is free. They can’t stand obligation or feeling that they owe someone. Everything just goes to waste. They are absolved of all responsibility to appreciate it.

Maybe they at least make a shallow effort to look everything over. Cold feet? They pronounce that it’s not an option because it still (will) cost too much money, require too much work, or won’t have instant profit, (will take time to develop). Some just can’t understand how to get started even with instructions. For some reason they just give up right off the bat. It’s no big loss since it was free anyway.

Maybe it is just true that Internet marketing, or affiliate marketing are just not for everyone. We are all different and it is definitely no disgrace if you just can’t relate to this even for free. There is no shame and in fact it had some value that at least they made a tiny effort to see what it would involve.

Maybe years from now, when things may be different, you will try again. In the future, you may be able to do something that before seemed unachievable. You might try and fail 10 times before you get to the right time and opportunity for you. Just don’t give up.


Trying to Build a Home Business – Staying ‘Psyched’

Believe it or not staying “psyched” is a really important element when trying to learn or do anything new. In case you do not understand what ‘psyched’ refers to, it is convincing yourself to stay positive no matter what happens or doesn’t happen. It is staying on a certain ‘plain’ where you are not as vulnerable as others to getting discouraged.

psyche yourself UP!

Being ‘psyched’ could also be described as ‘keeping your eye on the prize’. In other words you focus on what you need to do to get to where you want to go, rather than the results or lack thereof. Most of the time with marketing, when people get discouraged, it is because they do not understand that things take time to develop.

No matter what you tell them about this they seem to think their case will be different. Maybe it is because they are in denial or that they have read so many things that make it sound effortless and instant to start a business on the Internet. Yes, easy to ‘START’ may be true. However, to succeed will take some time and effort. No matter what they want to believe they need to understand this. No magical fairy dust here and No free lunch.

They prefer to think, ‘oh I will send this little batch of emails to my list and they will all respond by generating a sale’. Yes hopefully with a little luck maybe one or two will respond directly, but more than likely not. The theory there is that it can take five or six times for someone to see an ad before they take action. This is one reason that email marketing usually includes a sequential set of messages that are sent over a period of time.

Any kind of marketing strategy whether Internet or not, requires building momentum. This is about the fact that in real life many more will not respond than will. This is just normal. So you have to keep your advertising and marketing volume as high as possible at all times to weed through the people who won’t open your mail, or who won’t be impressed, or who are not interested. Hopefully you will find the ones who are interested and who will respond. It is really a lot like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’.

Sales and marketing are not for the faint of heart as you can see here. If you are one that gets easily discouraged or who doesn’t really want to work to build a business and only liked the idea of ‘fast and easy’ money, then you are likely going to need to psyche yourself up frequently. There are various ways to do this. Some use ‘self-talk’ (you can do it), some prefer visualization (displaying pictures of the things you will buy or where you will be).

It seems like the self-talk is the one that is most efficient and can be done anywhere at any time and can be more or less a constant mantra to tell yourself you can and you will do something, and not only that you will do it well and soon. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if you really believe what you are saying and doing!


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